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Ok. Well, here we are. Today is 4/20. If you consume cannabis- happy 420 dude.  I hope you are higher than a kite. Honestly, do what you gotta do to elevate your consciousness above the never ending stream of mainstream messaging. It’s getting old. I’ve begun to explore some of the non-mainstream ideas, and I invite you to check out Questioning Covid. I visited this site and saw many familiar authors that as a holistic health coach I studied with or read their work, so I figured there would be valuable insights here. I have never been a major consumer of mainstream media- why would I be now?  I had to slow myself down and begin to realize- I know nothing. In practical terms, how could I  when testing has been so limited and results so questionable.  In magical terms, I am totally comfortable surrendering to mystery. Are you? Are you clinging to fear, or secure in knowing the latest data points? What does help you feel secure? What even is security?

Well, that brings me to Taurus.  Yesterday on the 19th the sun ingress into Taurus, ruled by the planet Venus.  On Tuesday we will have a new moon at 7.25 pm @ 3º24′.  May 1- Betaine.  Full Moon is May 7 @ 3:45 am at 20º54′.  We’ll be riding the Taurus bull until May 20th.

The theme of security and safety is very Taurean. Key words are “I HAVE”.  Taurus is an Earth sign, and is fixed. Taurus loves a routine. By now, we may have some rhythm established in our quarantine lifestyle. Taurus invites us to align our senses with our values. Values can be represented by how we spend our time and our money. On this New Moon on Wednesday, please take some time to set intentions that help you feel a sense of abundant safety in your body, in your bank account, in your home life, in your relationship to restriction. Where can you find freedom within the current constraints you’re experiencing?  With the Sun and moon squaring Saturn in Aquarius, also a fixed sign, personal freedom may be the key to collective lockdown.  Get into your body. Maybe this is already a place of refuge for you, but perhaps you are more prone to being disembodied and checking out.

Here are some simple ways to care for your body and awaken your senses this Earth Temple that belongs to you:

Connect with Mother Earth through Earthing or by grounding yourself energetically by visualizing roots  coming from your root chakra and feet going through all the layers of the Earth to the center.

If you can, plant a garden or support a CSA.

Give yourself a foot massage or trade massages with a partner your sheltered with.  Touch yourself. Annoint your body with oils.  Remember your sacredness.

Be alive to your senses.  Notice sensation in the body.  Be present to your breath and how the body is being breathed.  Notice where feelings are alive within you.

Tune into your resources. Your home, finances, community, the trees and plants around you.  The land itself. Water. Air.  What resources are  nurturing you, and how can you make offerings in return?

Do what feels good. Do none of this and just be, however you are able to be right now.  Settle into your humanness having a being experience. With compassion and loving-kindness, please.

Seek safety within.

That’s all for now, lovelies.

xo Jamie

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