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As I embark on this new path, there is much to integrate from my past. A nearly two decades long career as a bodyworker/energy worker/health coach has laid the foundation for how I plan to practice astrology, tarot and magic. I spent a good several years following some rad astrologers before attending PORTLAND SCHOOL OF ASTROLOGY, so I want to shine some starlight on some of the wise ones I’ve learned from and say thank you to those who have most greatly influenced me in the last few years.

You Tuber People

Aepril’s Astrology hails from Salem, MA and now lives in Ireland. She is an artist, witch, priestess, and modern astrologer discovering Hellenistic traditions, with deep mythological, mindful and magical insights. She cracks me up at least once per video. Her ability to offer comic relief along side powerful and sometimes ‘not cute’, as she would say, truths is a fine balance indeed. Oh, and she has the Pluto glyph tattooed on her chest. She’s my girl. Her YouTube videos come out nearly every Friday. I also highly recommend her readings.

Aepril Schaille of Aepril’s Arcana

Rick Levine, wizard, is now my mentor via his Patreon site at the apprentice level. I first studied with him at Breitenbush at a winter weekend retreat. He offers monthly forecast videos following transits in depth, where he tries not to mention politics and fails. He is a consummate chart synthesizer with a strong focus on aspects, rarely mentioning the houses. He also brings harmonics, historical electional astrology, and a cosmic consciousness to his talks. I just love him. As he would say, ” Think cosmically, Act locally”. You can still get daily horoscopes on his website Star IQ and watch his monthly forecasts on YouTube just after they film on the last Wed of the month.

Rick Leving, Wizard

Kaypacha, New Paradigm Astrology, is an evolutionary astrologer, bringing in more focus to the moon’s lunar nodes and concepts around reincarnation, and the new age of Aquarius. His weekly YouTube readings come out on Wednesdays and give you a glimpse into his world wide travels. He offers a Mantra to be used intentionally to help integrate the aspects we’re working with for the week. He is just a lovely human and his interpretations offer real insights for healing personally and collectively.


Chris Brennan, The Astrology Podcast. I don’t listen to podcasts very often, but have been really enjoying the monthly forecast on YouTube he produces with Kelly Surtees and Austin Coppack. Advanced discussions that I finally understand. They are all authors and teachers, and blend alchemical, Hellenistic, and modern approaches. They are really growing on me and I encourage you to check out their respective websites and works.

Portland Community Constellations

• Portland School of Astrology offers community workshops, new moon circles [hosted by OAA], as well as one and two year programs. JP Hawthorne (founder of Portland School of Astrology and Cosmophilia), Rhea Wolf, and Andrea Ghertz are the primary instructors, with guest teachers including Corina Dross, Aubrie De Clerck, Demetra George, and Judith Hill.

Honeycomb Collective arose out of fellow second year students at PSA, Madeline and Colin. They combined their talents to create this ephemeris and day calendar that includes mundane and personal transits. It is genius and you need one!

• These are Portland based Astrologers I highly recommend: Dena DeCastro, Maeanna Welti (Yes, she is in Portland now!), & Bran Taylor.

• Astro artists ::: Dianna Fontes (personal chart art commissions), Sophia Mabelitini (Your big three [sun, moon, & rising sign] in ink , Iris Shanks (watercolor chart vibes) , Courtney Sahl (creator of Astro Essentia Card Deck and other collage based astro art). I love these artsy astro babes. Please support them.

Horoscopes at Large

Mystic Mamma A compilation of horoscopes with original collage by Mystic Mamma.

Aeolian Heart Astrology Rachel is a talented writer, synthesizing visual imagery and ancient wisdom, particularly from alchemy, to teach, empower and inspire. Her virtual classes are accessible and affordable, and her weekly email digest is a work of art.